Sunday, 27 November 2011

As Busy As A Bee

I could be 100% sure that nobody was as busy as I was. Seriously this weekend had made me work so much that I wish that I had this next week full off from every work. From school, from house chores (that make me more tiring than school work =P) and from cooking.
  This weekend I was made to do all the housework from washing the dishes to cleaning the house, from washing the clothes to remove webs from walls. 
  This is done just because of my stupid maid who didn't do her daily work properly. She was fired on Friday(just before my beautifully planned weekend),I and my siblings were told to do the work this weekend and every outing that was planned for weekends were cancelled.
       Duh!! Beautifully weaved weekend is flushed away in drain!!!
I can't escape from work and I even can't delay it. If I do it then again after a week or two it will came running back to me.
Just because of this work I was not able to sit on computer to check Facebook ID or to write a blog. For that I wake up extra early(usually  I wake at 9.00 a.m and this weekend I wake at 6.00 a.m).     

 Finally Mom completes every corner of the house and spare us but give us a Yummy Ice-Cream as a reward.

 But still I'm not spared from work. I'm told by my mother to cook Kheer.(It's not a big deal to make but it's still a work.)
Oh!!!! I got another Good News!!! Mom is ordering Pizzas for everyone. Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Luv it!!!!! ^_^ 


  1. You made me feel hungry with the pizza picture :P

    Thank You for following.

  2. That was the purpose to add pic of pizza to make everyone mouth watering. :P
    Your welcome!!!


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