Friday, 25 November 2011

Craze for Music

I am huge music lover from the birth. I know you guys were laughing by reading that sentence but seriously it’s true. My mother used to tell me about my silly habits that I do when I was small. She also told me about my music craze that I was use to sleep at 6 o’ clock in the morning and wake up at 12 o’clock in the night. I was fully charged and never sleep at night so my father turn on the T.V and switch to channel ‘M.T.V’ on which a new song of Daler Mehndi was played after every 5 minutes. When I was small I really loved that song and when that song was played my eyes always popped out of the corners. I was used to listen that song whole night. This told me about my craze of music. Even while I was writing this blog I was listening music. There are so many singers whose songs I listened but there are only 3 singers whose songs I listened and loved most.
(Before reading the lower parts please note one key which you’ll need to understand it. Playlist means the list of songs the singer had sung till now.)     
My top 3 favorite singers are:-
·      Katy Perry: - She has beautiful voice and her songs are wonderful. I love all her songs. I really hate when I saw her husband. He is not as good as she is. But never mind her new album had made me overcome my anger. Did you see her new music video ‘The One That Got Away’? If not do watch it. My favorite song from her playlist is E.T.
·      Taylor Swift: - She is my favorite singer. I love her romantic songs and break-up songs. She always has the feeling that her song needs. My favorite song Taylor Swift’s playlist is ‘Fifteen’. Even though it’s quite old but I really love it.

·      Enrique Iglesias: - He is so handsome and cute…..and…..and…..I am speechless to tell more about him. His songs are favorite of mine. I always keep a song of him on my mobile playlist. Not all songs because my mobile didn’t have that much memory. My favorite song from his playlist from his playlist is ‘It must be Love’

There are are more singers than those above. I'm going to give their names too:
                            Miley Cyrus
                              Ashley Tisdale
                                  Nick Jonas
                              Demi Lovato
                            Tiffany Thorton
                            Sterling Knight
                             Selena Gomez
                              Justin Bieber
                            Meghan Martin
                           David Archuleta
                             Jennifer Lopez
                              Lady Gaga
                             Edward Maya
                           Micheal Jackson
                               Bruno Mars
                              Britney Spears
                                Hilary Duff
Now you should have got the idea of my craziness over music.    


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