Saturday, 21 January 2012

A peek into my.....

I've been so absorbed in my school projects and home chores that I haven't paid any attention to my lonely friend which helps me to hold all my materials in it whether it is school books or my entertainment items.Last week I was just throwing my materials in it not arranging it or putting things in organize  method. 


Then on a weekend I realize that I should give it a makeover. So I get started by throwing all the waste materials out of it and putting necessary and important items and organizing the remainig items in a categorised method.

My Favourite Poster!!!


Fashion is in my nerves!!!
Do You watch "Pretty Little Liars"?
Music and Fashion Is the only thing I think about!!

Love the songs of Katy Perry!!
Loved Hannah Montana before but not Love her anymore!! 

Do you like her??
 Love my Bears!!

Do you have one??
 We have too many books from which we have to study at school and all are important.
Burden of school over us!!
I also Love bracelets!!!
Love those all bracelets!!
This my CUPBOARD where I keep all my stuff.


  1. funny post!

  2. thank you for following, I am following you back! I love vampire diaries too!!! I am addicted to the series!

  3. Your cupboard is super cute .I love the posters.


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