Saturday, 17 March 2012


Last week was pretty exciting and full of fun!! It was exciting from the beginning especially when our school announces to take us to the DREAMWORLD on our field trip.
I know some of you don't know where and what Dream World is?? Dream World is a famous family resort in Karachi (maybe in Pakistan I don't know) where there are so many amusements that one day is less to try all things.  ( Don't get confuse I'm adding some pics below )

From that day of announcement everywhere a kind of hustle and bustle started. Girls and Boys are going separately (Duh!!!) Girls are going first, so they were first to get anxious for what to wear, what to take for swimming, what kind of bag, shoe etc. Even I was one of them and go to shopping today. Found nothing interesting and will be going tomorrow too. I just wanted a good handbag and shoes. Any suggestions???

Time for pics!!   

This is the hotel / restaurant which is easy  to see from my house. I lived very near from it.
                                                                   The waves pool.

I think that is enough for today Bye till next post!!


  1. WOW... that is definitely exciting!!!!
    My advise would be something breezy flowy looking dress to go on top of your swimwear. Color should be calm, and not too bright or too dark.
    Than a very cute sandals, with not too much bling and it has to be flat! You dont want to give the impression that you are trying too hard,but in the same time you HAVE to look adorably cute!!!hehehehhe... ;-)
    Than the basic accessories like cute sunglasses, cute thread or simple bracelets, etc...

  2. thnx for advice!! I'll definitely send my outfit pics!!

  3. The wave pool looks interesting :)

  4. It looks like fun dear! Lotsa things to see!



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