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This my Autobiography I've made for language assignment. I thought I should post it. I divided it in three parts of my life.

My childhood was same as every child’s. I had a caring mother, a wonderful father, an annoying brother, a sweet sister and a complete joint family. I had everything a child wish for.
 I was contended with my life. I was a bright student (its what my mother said) right from the beginning. I love my house and love my family. I loved my maternal and paternal. They were perfect. It was what I saw from my eyes but reality was different and it shows me the truth.

My childhood went well till I turn 8. After that my life turns Topsy tuvy. My father got sick. He then got admitted in hospital and I was sent to my maternal house to spend my summer vacations. I hadn’t met him one whole month. Until one day my mother took permission from the management to let us visit our father. They agreed and then we met him. He was not in good condition that is the only thing I could tell. He got discharge and we went to our home. It happened in early August when we move to a rent house which was airy and good for father’s health. We live there till November. I didn’t get to know what the disease was but I could tell it was killing him. He went to doctor every alternate day and came back the very day with a canola on his hand. This went on till November. One day when he got there, they took him for test and found that a pimple on his stomach got burst. He did blood vomits and stay at ICU for three days and then stay at Ventilator for a week. On November 15, at night my mother got the news from hospital that my father is no more. It was like a bomb sent on me. I was left in the world with only my mother. My paternal that I thought was perfect turn their backs on us, leaving us alone in the world. Our maternal at the end support us and we went to live with them.

  My first good moment was when I made a beautiful card on computer with my mother picture on it and made it print out from a colour printer which was present at my father’s office. I was told by my father that his colleagues saw my artwork and ask for a copy of it to show their children. I was proud of my work.
  For the first time in my life I got first position in grade 1. Every time I tried I wasn’t able to. My father was extremely happy. He was too happy that he picks me up in front of whole audience. I also won “Best Student of the Year” in the entire school for coming regular to school.
   The best moment when for the first time I sit on airplane!! Yeah I did but it wasn’t a real one although it was an airplane. It was an airplane standing outside of Planetorium. I kept asking my father when does the airplane will take off and he kept replying that it will soon! After some time he told me that airplane is not working we can’t go in it this time we will go later and I actually believe him. It is the one of my funny moment. 

  Pre-teen is always the time when a child started to get a little mature but I started to get more mature than an ordinary kid.
  After that recent incident our life has turn upside down. We have to live with in our maternal house with new school and have to start off a new life. I was the eldest and I have to be brave because I have to support mom and take care of my siblings. We were living with grandmother and grandfather so most of mom’s burden was taken by them. They take care of us so mom can go to job.
  Again we started our life in very good manner. We were living exactly the way we lived when father was around. Mom tried to give everything she can. We were contended again. Our life again changes when I was 12.

We were getting bigger, (living in one room when there are four kids including my aunt, and my mom) and needed a new house because it was not enough for us. We wanted to live independent in our own home. I was 12 and wanted my own room (which I still don’t get) so my mother decided to shifted in our own flat. We shifted their and started our own home. I learned to cook and started to do chores like taking care of siblings (most important), arranging house etc. 

  I maintained getting first position (as dad wants me to) in grade two and three but in grade four I slip and fall to second position but in grade five I got first position again.
  In March 2010, (I was still 12) when I appeared for admission test in Beacon Light Academy and got highest marks between all those who appeared.
   I held my tenth birthday at my grandmother’s house and invited over 50 friends. I know everyone of them and had extreme fun. We played and ate and I got lots of presents. It was my best birthday.  
Teenage life is just started and I started to get mature. I took hold of my house. I know how to cook before my aunt (who is four year older than me) started. I am enjoying my life. I have everything I wish for. I got a MP4, my own personal cupboard, jeans and shirts (just the way I want), personal computer, no one asking me how much I watch T.V and a collection books. I start writing diary. I also start doing blogging. I’m trying new interests. I’m totally in fashion now too. 

The first time when I actually cook!! It happened when my mom was going out and asks me to look at the dish and close the stove when water completely evaporates but what I did was that I complete the dish because I knew how to do it by seeing mom cooking it before. When my Mom came she was happy and shocked, both at same time. And I was happy to do such a good work.

This is all true. My life changes a lot and so am I. So don't mind if I change :P


  1. Thanks for sharing, it was a beautiful stories :'(

    1. It is not the story that you think it is! It is real and it really happens to me!!

  2. thank you for sharing
    it was really interesting to read

  3. Life is all about ups and down.You are very young and blessed as well. Keep living to the fullest,no matter what :).

    So proud of you .

    Love you so much :)

  4. Life isn't easy. You coped up with it, and that's very brave of you. I'm sure your father is proud of you :)
    Take Care.
    And your story was a nice read. Who told you that it was bad? :)

    1. Thats what I'm doing in these days coping up with the life!
      I hope he is proud of me! My inside soul told me that it is bad!

  5. sooo coooll post! :) I am always teen at heart. haha

    Jewel Clicks

  6. Nice post, thanks for sharing with us! <3

  7. WOW... really great post! you're a though one! a great girl!!!

  8. Enjoyed reading this post :)
    Stay strong and luuurve your teenage years


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