Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In the Bus

(Boy's side)

I saw her when she enter in the bus. She was so beautiful. Her sparkling eyes, her sweet smile and... she was just amazing. I always tried hard to talk to her but I was to shy to talk. I always gave up to talk to her till tomorrow.
  One day...I gather up my all courage and say her hi and offered her a seat beside me. I talked to her till her stop came. I was happy because for the first time I talk to her.
  Next day again I talked to her and at the end I simply asked her for a dinner in the evening and guess what.. she agreed.

On the way to the restaurant I bought a bouquet of red roses for her.

As I enter, I look for her and found her sitting in a corner and MY GOD...she looks beautiful in that dress. She rose up as I came. I gave her the roses and pull a seat for her. As we both get settle we start talking.
 After dinner as she was leaving I got down on my one knee and pull out a ring which was getting heavier in my pocket for the past few days. I said...
             "I know I am not the best and there are times when I do stupid things which I don't realize on the moment but I promise I'll keep you happy till my soul vanishes away from my body"
She accepted my proposal and hugs me.

End of story...
I guess I'm not good at writing story. I've written this so bad.
I do not hope for every one of you to like. :(


  1. Awe it is such a cute story .Boy part is more interesting .You are so talented, girl.

  2. i like it ;)

    Please check out my blog when you have time, thanks so much!

  3. I'll really will check out your blog!!

  4. Hey Fashionista! Sooooper Doooper post! :) I love this story. :) First time here.. And I'm your 25th follower, so I must be special! :D

    1. Yeah you are very special in my heart!!Thanks for liking my post!

  5. What a dope post dear, that 1st pic is uber cute :)


  6. No it's not bad, actually the story is cute! typical boy meets girl. sweet!


  7. I really love your blog!
    Keep posting dear!!



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