Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Really Long!

I am really bad. I'm becoming  like one of those bloggers who keep complaining about how rarely they post and after so many days. I'm here to apologize to everyone who read my blog and like it anyway for being patient while I was persuading my computer to work. Really it happen. My computer broke down again and I was unable to connect to my blog world. I have changed my PC so I'll be connecting with you all more easily.
Vacations are going bad and boring. I only had fun on Tuesdays when I go to school for volunteering for school library.
I read couple of more interesting novels like:
I Heart New York
My Sweetest Taboo
Where the Rainbow ends

One good news that I have finally got my own room. Walls are painted pink and everything is pinky or purplish.(I'll add the pictures of the room later...PROMISE)
I've to go


  1. some of these books look great!!!


  2. Welcome back <3

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  3. I loved Where The Rainbow Ends. It's one of my favourite books, though it gets stretch a little in between :)


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