Saturday, 13 October 2012


People are always not the way they seem. They think they can handle this dual personalities but sometimes their personalities leaked out and they feel humiliated within themselves. Some people think they can act to be strong but they fail miserably sometimes when something occurs from the middle of nowhere.

I knew a girl, ( won't disclose  her name for her privacy), She is a lot different from what she appears. At school or in front of family or anyone, she is a strong and confident girl, who knew what to do and what she is doing. She is determine and cautious girl never tries to show the other side of her personality.

 In real or when she is alone she is a person who is shattered from some incidents occur in her life. She is burden with responsibilities at a very tender age and taught to be strong.

Sometimes when she couldn't hold more and she couldn't handle this dual personalities and sometimes she let go bonds surrounding her and cry her heart out in order to calm down. Sometimes she do this in public and hate herself for this.

She is among us, struggling with her personalities and not blowing off the cover of her hidden personality to get fake sympathy of people. She feel good alone than to be with people.

It happens a lot now a days. People feel alone, and then create another personalities to be around people and grew their friend circle. We should accept the people the way they are. No matter if they are shy or not.        
P.S: Its a serious post a point to think about! My papers are over and they have gone well. This was a composition I wrote for my Language Test and got full marks so I thought it worth to post it here!


  1. thank you for sharing this -- it's a very interesting topic i think.


  2. Darl... its a good writing! you deserve the full marks! Great job! I can really relate to the topic too.... sad to say that indeed there is someone among us (us= my circle).
    love this post! xxx

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