Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Happy New Year 2014 Guys! I know I've not been online as much as possible even though I promised that I would and no apologies would be enough to forgive me but with New Year we could start a new beginning and I promise that I'll post more and I have more posts waiting to shared with you all and I will post them sooooon...!!!

Sunday, 14 April 2013


The most awaited day of the year is just a day away. In a day, its going to be...

I love my birthdays! I get gifts which is what I love most about birthdays!
My dream birthday idea is that all my friends and family arrange some sort of surprise birthday party for me and I'll get many gifts and lots of fun! I know none of my friends or family member would do anything like this so I can't hope for that! But we can still hope!
I'm gonna be 15 on this 16th April....!!! =)

I have already got 7 wishes in advance..lets see what happens on the day! My Mum have arranged a surprise outing for me! I have no idea about where we'll go!
Dying for the day! I hope it would be the best day of my life!
P.S: I hope you guys could forgive me for my long absence! Give me the forgiveness as my birthday gift! :p